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Hello, and welcome to financiallyliterate.in.

FinanciallyLiterate is a personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship workspace dedicate to financial education and steps needed to achieve financial success. For most of the Indian youth, the knowledge has either been outdated or is generally passed within families. What everyone needs to understand is that investing all their money in mutual funds does not outsmart them from those traditional 9-5 job workers. 

Everyone’s aim in life should be to identify new sources of generating wealth focusing towards greater financial independence instead of retirement and learn how to share wisdom. 

Beginning at the start of 2017, I started to become really interested in personal finance and investing. I started by investing in the stock market but was quick to realize I knew more about losing than earning even in the longest bull market of 2018. So, I started reading more and more on the topics of investing and smart money management. Eventually, I realized common sense is not so common nowadays, even within highly educated or sensible people. And yes, I was also among one of them.

People often confuse retirement with financial freedom. Nowadays, the rat race is not about working for next paycheck, but to invest next paycheck into fancy financial products like Mutual Funds, ULIP’s or SIP. Even the essential practices required for personal financial freedom are not preached in our social economic world. Yet people invest in complex financial tools without understanding how they work and especially who they work for.

This blog is an investment of my time and effort in creating a source to share interests and knowledge about the financial youths.

Q: Why choose the name “Financially Literate”?

     Well for starters, this blog is based not only on providing financial education but also showcasing how these facts and ideal can be implemented in real life. The ‘Financial’ part has a strong connection with money and money management, focusing in the areas like expanding your saving, investing through debt or generating multiple streams of passive income. ‘Literate’ part deals with providing guidelines and route to enjoy the knowledge. You can be well-educated if you can read, but you are literate only if you practice the same in your real life. When you plan for your financial freedom, you should know where the money will come from even when you do not work and how safe will it be.  You need to create efficient systems in your real life through using which you can maximize all your investment rewards.

Q: Why you should be here?

  1. Most of Indians do not talk about their financials. The financial literacy rate is less than around 25% in India(2016-17 census). Those who do, mostly limit their understanding of financial products to stocks, Mutual Funds, and tax saving investments.
  2. In most cases, family elders have a significant influence on one’s financial decision. These decisions come from having first-hand experiences about those financial products which we feel are now somewhat old. Financial Products in today’s world are far more complex and sugar coated. “Rules and Principles of financial literacy have not changed, but the experiences have”
  3. Our jobs have got too demanding. With the internet and other communication methods coming in, we are now needed to be available online all the time and sometimes even at a moment’s notice. Given the busy nature of our daily routine, our knowledge about financials has been restricted to saving annual tax and mutual funds investments. Our wealth is getting managed by people we don’t know, and can hardly trust. As much as we want ourselves to learn about how money makes money, We know there are countless others that need that learning too.


How does the road of a financially free person should look like
  1. Educate Yourself
  2. Get out of Debt
  3. Use financial products at your disposal.
  4. Make Smart Financial Decisions
  5. Start early saving for insurance
  6. Learn Money Making Skills
  7. Create Multiple Passive Income Streams
  8. Be an Expert in a Niche and Guide Others


    All blog posts at financiallyliterate.in are for information and learning only. No blog posts should be considered as an investment instruction. Please, first perform a self-analyze all aspects before undertaking any area of interest into actions. While this blog will provide you with information about new things, money does not come cheap. These things few times may require more focus and energy than your daily working jobs. Recommendations made if any, will contain affiliate links and notices. Please go through the disclaimer here.